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Weekly Profit of $4742.17 Trading Option Journey #13

Today I have closed ETSY, PLTR, COST all with a profit. Although COST's earning play could not get the full profit, it was still above the strike price I decided to close out early. It is too close to the strike price at the moment. Although I did not get the full profit of the week, I am still satisfied that I made over $4700 for the week. In return, for the next Monday, I can buy 6 more shares of Tesla. I still want to increase the cash position as well. So most of the money will be purchasing the TSLA but at the same time, I want to grow my cash reserve.

As Airbnb debut yesterday, it went up more than 100%. I am a big fan of Airbnb, and I believe in the long term it will be a great hold. However, the price, for now, is too high due to just IPO on it. I will wait for a few months to see where this stock will go.

Today's stock market and the last few days of the stock market is at the downturn, for that matter, I will wait for the weekend to see whether I will put a new trade or not.

As far as today's concern, there will be mo more trading for me.

Closed Trade:

ETSY: 10 Dec 11 149/152.5 Put Vertical @ 1.0896 closed @ 0.01

ETSY: 10 Dec 11 157.5/160 Put Vertical @ 0.5597 closed @ 0.01

PLTR: 10 Dec 11 26 Put @ 0.9748 closed @ 0.08

COST: 10 Dec 11 370/372.5 Put @ 1.0596 closed @ 0.66

Profit for the day: $1079.6 + $549.7 + $894.8 + $399.6 = $2923.7

Profit of the week: $2923.7 + $649.3 + $489.6 + $300 + $379.7 = $4742.3

Open Trade:


Current Position:

Call Option

WORK: 5 Dec 20 40 Call @ 3.2051may be closed @ 3.3

Selling Put Spread

SQ: 10 Dec 18 200/205 Put Vertical @ 1.0296

AMD: 10 Dec 18 85/88 Put Vertical @ 0.5527

Cover Call

TSLA: 10 Dec 18 690 Naked Put @19.68 (Cover Put)

TSLA: 114 shares

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I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only.
Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for trader. 

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