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Weekly Profit of $4331.51 for Trading option Journey #15

This week's talk is all about Tesla Tesla Tesla in the market.

As all of my portfolios are in Tesla at the moment, certainly it was a good week for the trading profit. Also, for all of the position for the options trading was positive trading so I am glad that it actually happened in this way.

Although as I am transferring from a Traditional to a Roth account at the moment, E-trade gave me a horrible experience with it. I am thinking of moving over to TD-Ameritrade after the end of this year. I don't want to move between accounts before the year-end due to tax document issues.

For the problem E-trade gave me, I could not trade until now and I don't think I can trade next Monday or so. Since options trading is very time-sensitive, even though it is in the right direction, I would like to close out the account if that is the availability.

After speaking with the many many hours, I could actually close my trade at 12:40 pm in Pacific Time. But they still did not allow me to trade a new one for it. As I am researching more and more about options trading, it seems TD Ameritrade is the right way to go.

When I get more time, I will discuss why I am going toward the TD-Ameritrade vs E-trade later in the post. this post is not about that.

If this week had no issues with the E-trade, I probably will make more money on SQ and Etsy. That is one of my regrets, but still made decent money this week I am happy.

Closed Trade:

Call Option

WORK: 5 Dec 20 40 Call @ 3.2051may be closed @ 3.3 buy back @ 2.69 Loss of $257.55

Selling Put Spread

SQ: 10 Dec 18 200/205 Put Vertical @ 0.8397 closed @ 0 (expire worthless) profit of $839.7

AMD: 10 Dec 18 85/88 Put Vertical @ 0.5527 closed @ 0.01 profit of $542.7

TSLA: 1 Dec 18 520/570 Put Vertical @ 6.0396 closed @ 1.67 profit of $436.96

ETSY: 8 Dec 20 155/160 Put Vertical @ 0.9597 closed @ 0 profit of $959.7

Cover Call

TSLA: 10 Dec 18 690 Naked Put @19.68 (Cover Put) closed @ 1.58 profit of $1810

Weekly Total Profit:

839.7 + 542.7 + 436.96 + 959.7 + 1810 - 257. 55 = $4331.51

Open Trade:


Current Position:

TSLA: 114 shares

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I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only.
Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for trader. 

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