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Selling Option and Make $1000 a week Trade Journey #3

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As of today, the market has been up and up for the past few days. The Fear & Greed Index has been near 100 at the moment. When People are greedy, that is the time market will crash. It is time to be cautious not more aggressive at the moment.

Tesla has been up another 3-4% today. It is the all-time high and I do not know when is the top of the market. But since I have already made some money with it, I will be betting against it until Friday it will not pass $585.

I also added the 3 shares of Tesla since I have closed out a few of the positions yesterday and the other day to make about $1600. Changing short term gain to the long term investment is the current market strategy for me. I am very bullish on Tesla at the moment. For numerous reasons, I will keep adding the Tesla stock to my portfolio.

End of the market close today, Autodesk (ADSK) will have an earning. It is a 1-3 day trade, if I lose the maximum I will take it. Since the spread is $2.5 dollar and the premium is about $1, my maximum loss will be $1.5 per contract in this case.

I am willing to take that chance since the market has been given me good for these few months.

Closed Trade:


Open Trade:

TSLA: 6 Nov 27 585/590 Call Vertical P 0.35

ADSK: 10 Nov 27 252.5/255 Put Vertical P 0.9736

TSLA: 3 more stocks @ Ω$545.3

Current Position:

TSLA: 5 Nov 27 585/590 Put Vertical P 0.35

TSLA: 5 Nov 27 490/495 Put Vertical P 1.1096

- it actually made an iron condor strategy. I already made almost everything from Put Vertical, I will close the trade tomorrow to be less risk of it.

ADSK: 10 Nov 27 252.5/255 Put Vertical P 0.9736

DOCU: 10 Nov 27 205/210 Put Vertical P 0.9696

TSLA: 105 shares

Picture image is from below

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I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only.
Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for beginning trader. 

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