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Profit of $2338 Weekly Option Trade Journey #4

Since yesterday, the greed and fear index has gone up to 90 as of this morning. Vix is at around 22 at the moment. I am optimistic about the market, yet wanted to cautious about my investment as well.

For that reason, I just closed Autodesk (ADSK) today which is the sell from yesterday. Also closed the DocuSign (DOCU) before thanksgiving as well.

Lastly, I closed the Tesla (TSLA) put spread since I made most of the money as well.

Since I have made about $2338 for the closed of this trade. I will buy 4 shares of the Tesla stock. But not this weekend. I will buy on Monday for additional 4 stocks for the Tesla.

For the future trade, I believe I will take the DocuSign earning next Monday to see where is the price at the time. I do not believe it will miss the earning for DocuSign since it has a Corona effect for this quarter.

Closed Trade:

TSLA: 5 Nov 27 490/495 Put Vertical P 1.1096 closed @ 0.06 profit of $524.8

ADSK: 10 Nov 27 252.5/255 Put Vertical P 0.9736 closed @ 0.03 profit of $943.6

DOCU: 10 Nov 27 205/210 Put Vertical P 0.9696 closed @ 0.1 profit of $869.6

Total profit of $2338

Open Trade:

TSLA: 6 Nov 27 585/590 Call Vertical P 0.35

TSLA: 3 more stocks @ $545.3

Current Position:

TSLA: 5 Nov 27 585/590 Put Vertical P 0.35

TSLA: 105 shares

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I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only.
Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for beginning trader. 

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