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Profit of $1373.6 Weekly Options Trade Journey #7

Since the market for Tesla went up due to Goldman Sach is looking optimistic about the stock. It went to just below $600 today. As other index funds have to buy a Tesla stock on December 2, the stock should remain strong.

However, since I already got the most of the money from my selling put and call option, I decided to close out the position day early. There is not much to gain from the 6 cents remaining. The upside for those amounts will be much smaller than the downside in this case.

I made the mistake of not closing slack before the actual earning date. The premium disappeared after the salesforce actually purchased the slack and announce the news. The stock price did not move up or down, but my option lost the premium amount, therefore all the gain that I made the day earlier was gone. Although I did not lose much and did not gain much, I will hold on to next week and decide whether I will close it or not. In this case, it would be much better off to do selling the option than purchase the option.

Square and Etsy, if the stock does not move much by tomorrow I will close the trade, and I will hun for the others tomorrow.

DocuSign was below $220 yesterday. It actually went below the $214 line. It would have been a maximum loss of $1800. I was debating rolling it to the next week with the higher spread. It would actually credit of $30 with it. The trade I wanted to roll was down to 200/195 Put Vertical on 12/11/20. It did not fill, so I decided to wait for one more day since the earning is today. Luckily so far DOCU has moved upward of $235 right now. If not dramatic things happen tomorrow, I can close with full profit.

After tomorrow, I will decide how much I made from this week, and I will purchase more stock of Tesla stock next monday.

Happy Trade Everyone~

Closed Trade:

TSLA: 10 Dec 4 530/525 Put Vertical @ 0.8996 closed @ 0.06

TSLA: 6 Dec 4 700/720 Call Vertical @ 0.95 closed @ 0.06

Total Profit: $1373.6

Open Trade:


Current Position:

WORK: 5 Dec 20 40 Call @ 3.2051

SQ: 10 Dec 4 195/200 Put Vertical @ 0.8696

ETSY: 10 Dec 4 147/150 PutVertical @0.9796

ETSY: 10 Dec 4 170/175 Call Vertical @ 0.5797

DOCU: 10 Dec 4 217.5/220 PutVertical @1.0395

TSLA: 108 shares

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I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only.
Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for trader. 

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