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Market bounce back up!!!

The market is going up for the first time in the last 2 months. It had 7 weeks of the downturn. It might be the first week of positive return in the last 2 months. For my trading, I did not do much, I just purchased more and more and cover call the Apple shares, Riots, and Snap.

Due to the Snap having a 40% correction this Tuesday, it just made all the cover call values become 0.01.

For now, September 21, 22 expiring QQQ for 370 was valued at $0.6 this Tuesday. When the market started to bounce back up, I purchased additional 10 contracts. Now, I have a QQQ of 55 contracts total. It all depends on how the market will do. If the market were to get generous to me, and if it bounces back to the 340 for the QQQ, probably I will make all the money back. Current in the money is around $20.24 as of market close today. It means, as my average is down, significantly (one account is in the $4 range, another account in the $18 range). If the market were to get rally for the two weeks, then I can make the money back.

Praying the market to be up for next two weeks~


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