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Happy New Year 2022

Last year for myself there were many things has happened. There are many ways to make money and I was thinking about how to make money was the key.

Last year, I did purchase the one duplex property and fixed it up to do an Airbnb rental. The purpose of doing that is to eliminate any of the payments in my life. Right now, the property's revenue is exceeding the mortgage of the property. I do not have a car payment and for that reason, there is no more payment that I need to worry about it for a long time.

The second thing is I wanted to do is increase my portfolio to the 1MM mark. It is far from it at this time, but I think that is a doable goal in 5 years as long as I am working, and saving for it also doing a selling with the option. My goal is that I wanted to have a 1MM portfolio with one or two properties, so I don't need to work for the company anymore. Once that has been accomplished, I wanted to open my own business.

My goal is simple. For now, I have about a 200k portfolio. By the time next year, I wanted to make it to around 300k. Which is the 50% return. It can be achieved either, I save or investment return. I am constantly testing the theory of how to invest it, and whether it will work or not. Sometimes, I make a mistake, and other times, I make a good call. In theory, I can have a 1MM portfolio in 4 years with a 50% return. If I get 1% a week, then it will be a 50% return with the selling option.

So, this year, I will do starting to post what positions that I have from the next posting. So everyone who reads my post will be a witness to what I did to make that work.

It is not the recommendations, and it is just my journey of Financial Freedom. It is my declaration of being an investor in 2022.

Happy New Year. Hope and pray this is the best year for everyone who reads this post.


======================================================================= #sellingPut#optiontrade#sellingput#putvertical#PutVertical#trading#stock#option ======================================================================= I am not a financial advisor. Any trades listed are my own personal trades and meant for educational purposes only. Option trading bears high risk and high return strategy for trader.

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